Library News:

Bio-Medical Library Improvements based on March 2012 Survey results

The Bio-Medical Library conducted an online survey in March 2012 to solicit feedback about ways that we could improve services and the physical space to better meet the needs of AHC students.

We received nearly 200 responses, the majority of which were from Medical School students.We learned a lot from the survey.  The majority of respondents use the library as a place to study and work, with lower numbers using it for finding information or relaxing between classes.  Reflecting these uses, many respondents wanted more outlets, more study rooms, more tables, and better wireless coverage within the building.  Many people requested that we take steps to reduce noise within the library, such as creating a quiet floor or soundproofing the group study cubes.  

We want to take this opportunity to give you an update on the actions that have taken place or are in the planning stage based on the survey results. Projects to date:

  • Electrical outlets were added to 34 study carrels and 5 large study tables - nearly 70% of our study space now has access to electrical power.
  • Wireless access is being upgraded throughout the library. We originally had 12 access points; we have now added 12 more, doubling our coverage throughout the building. This project will be completed by early November.
  • Plans are underway to clearly define our study spaces according to activity, with silent study reserved for the entire 4th floor.
  • Water bottle filter systems were installed near the 2nd floor and 4th floor restrooms.

Thank you for your participation and suggestions. As much as we would like to take action on every recommendation, some suggestions are not possible due to building code restrictions.For instance, ventilation requirements prevent us from extending the walls of the modular group study spaces to the ceiling. However, we always welcome your ideas and suggestions for how the library’s space and service can be improved. Please send questions or comments to .