Good Health Information Matters

Good health decisions are made based on quality information, but licensed clinical health information comes at a high cost.

As a result, many individuals - including our state’s health providers, educators, students, patients, and caregivers - lack access to the information they need to support their work and training, or to promote patient engagement and informed decision-making.

MeHL Can Help

MeHL will provide equal access for all Minnesotans to evidence-based health information to include: point-of-care tools, prescription drug references, and full-text medical books and journals.  This will advance health and health care in the state as:

  • Health providers everywhere will have equal access to quality information.
  • Educators will have the same set of resources to train our state’s future healthcare workforce.
  • Health professions students will benefit from consistent and uniform access to information throughout their training and into practice.
  • Patients will have tools to support informed decision making and engagement.
  • Caregivers will be better prepared to manage the health needs of their loved ones.

About MeHL

The Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL) would bring 24/7 health information to all Minnesotans to create a healthier Minnesota. MeHL would benefit providers, patients, students, and caregivers.  The health information in MeHL would include:

  • Evidence-based research
  • Point-of-care tools
  • Full-text medical and nursing books
  • Full-text medical and nursing journals
  • Prescription drug references

As a result, MeHL will:

  • Promote evidence-based care by creating a single point of access to licensed clinical information resources available from work, home, campus, or library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Recruit & retain health providers by offering equal access to licensed clinical information resources regardless of geographic location or institutional affiliation.
  • Reduce health disparities by providing access to clinical health information resources at all Minnesota clinics.
  • Create informed communities by making MeHL resources available to all of Minnesota’s 5 million citizens so they can become engaged in the patient care partnership and make informed health decisions.
  • Maintain a healthy Minnesota by better positioning health providers, policy-makers, researchers, educators, and students to provide evidence-based care, develop programs that improve health outcomes, teach students best practices, and reinforce quality of care.

Tell us your Health Information Story

Let us know your need for health information, or how health information has helped you. Personal stories will help us convey the need for MeHL at the Legislature.

For more information, contact:

Janice Jaguszewski, MSLIS
Director, Health Sciences Libraries

MeHL Infographic