VisualDx is a clinical decision support system that helps health care providers recognize and diagnose visually presenting conditions. It captures the variation disease presentation by age, skin type, body location and severity, combining high quality medical images with a unique search engine to give you patient-specific answers in seconds.
Why should I use VisualDx?
Serious infectious, genetic, immunologic, nutritional, and metabolic diseases often present visually. VisualDx covers more than 1,200 conditions, represented by over 25,000 medical images. It promotes diagnostic accuracy and helps clinicians more effectively communicate to patients “this is what the condition looks like, this is what you have, and here are the steps we are going to take to treat it.”
How do I use VisualDx?
Quickly search a diagnosis, finding, or medication, or  click Differential Builder to begin.
  • Enter symptoms, visual clues and other patient factors for a rapid, accurate differential diagnosis. 
  • Search by diagnosis for instant access to concise therapy, best practices, and medical images.
  • ŸSearch a medication to see the differential of medication-induced diseases and eruptions.

And remember, VisualDx also provides mobile access for both Android and Apple devices!