Managing Compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy Using My Bibliography

My Bibliography facilitates the management of publication compliance with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy. From the Awards View eRA Commons users are able to see whether their publications are compliant with the Policy, start the manuscript submission process, associate their NIH extramural awards with their publications, and designate delegates to manage their bibliography via My NCBI.

The Awards View is only available to eRA Commons users or their delegates who have linked their My NCBI account with their eRA Commons account. 

My Bibliography Awards View

In the Awards View, each citation listed is marked indicating its compliance status:

  • A red dot indicates that an article is non-compliant.
    red dot
  • A yellow dot means that the citation has been submitted to the NIH Manuscript Submission system and is considered in process.
    yellow dot
  • A green dot indicates that the citation is compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy. Note that the PMCID number displays in this status.
    green dot
  • Articles that were accepted for publication prior to April 7, 2008 are not covered by the NIH Public Access Policy. These citations will be marked as N/A for Not Applicable (this status is also automatically applied to citation types that are not journal articles, e.g., book chapters, patents, presentations).green dot
  • A question mark indicates that compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy cannot be determined without additional information. Click on the question mark icon or the "Edit Status" link to enter supporting information for the citation.
    question mark

To check on the status of any non-compliant citation, click on either the red dot, the question mark or the "Edit Status" link.  A compliance wizard will pop up to walk you through the process.  The following questions can help determine if the article is eligible under the Policy.

Compliance Wizard

You can add or delete funding awards associated with articles:

Add or delete awards

Awards Wizard

The Public Access Compliance Monitor provides the current compliance status of all journal articles that NIH believes a particular institution is responsible for under the terms of the Public Access Policy. To gain access to the Public Access Compliance Monitor, institutions must first assign a "PACR" role to one or more individuals in their organization.

Public Access Compliance Monitor

You must log in to My NCBI with an eRA Commons user ID that has been assigned the PACR role.

Compliance Monitor

User Guide (pdf)

An Introduction to the Public Access Compliance Monitor (Video; 13:37)

  • Published on Jan 30, 2013
  • A description a web based tool institutions can use to track public access compliance