Starting a Research Project

Need help with starting a research project? Check out these resources to save time and frustration!

  • Library Research Checklist
    Checklist to help guide you through the library research process. Also covers the difference between scholarly and popular magazine as well as identifying primary, secondary and tertiary sources.

Key Information Resources in Public Health


OVID, like PubMed, is an online database used to search Medline. It includes journal citations from the fields of medicine, public health, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and the basic biomedical sciences. MEDLINE is the National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database/article index that contains over 20 million references to journal articles. Coverage is from 1949 to the present. Over 5200 journals worldwide in over 37 languages are indexed.

  • Searching OVID Medline - Need more information on searching Ovid Medline? Click on the link for a guide with helpful tips.


PubMed is another way to search Medline. Both PubMed and Ovid Medline are searching the same content, they just search it differently. If you are new to searching for journal articles on a topic, it may be good to start with Ovid, but also learn PubMed too. As a public health professional, you may only have access to searching PubMed in the future.

  • Searching PubMed - Need more information on searching PubMed? Click on the link for a guide with helpful tips.

 Web of Science

Web of Science is a large, interdisciplinary database of journal articles from the health and social sciences.

  • Searching Web of Science  - Need more informaiton on searching Web of Science? Click on the link for a guide with helpful tips.


CINAHL, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health, has a multidisciplinary scope covering nursing and 17 allied health disciplines. CINAHL is a good resource for searching for articles describing qualitative research and research about health disparities.


Covers all areas of psychology. Provides bibliographic citations and abstracts to articles from more than 1300 international journals in psychology and related fields. In addition, PsycINFO covers books, book chapters, and dissertations.

  • Searching PsycINFO - Need more information on searching PsycINFO? Click on the link for a guide with helpful tips.

Health Statistics and Data Resources

Organizing & Managing Your Citations

Using a product like Mendeley or Zotero (free and online) can help you to organize your citations and seamlessly create a bibliography at the end of a research paper or manuscript.


  • Mendeley is a freely available citation manager that allows you to manage your PDFs and create a database of your own citations by importing references or PDFs. Mendeley also has a plug-in for MS Word call Cite-O-Matic which allows you to format papers and bibliographies.

Using Mendeley for the first time? See the videos below to learn about how Mendeley can help you organize your research. You can also view additional guides and tutorials from

EndNote Basic (Online)

  • EndNote Basic is a free online citation manager that has a plug-in for MS Word which allows you to format papers and bibliographies.

EndNote Desktop 

  • EndNote is a computer based, desk-top citation manager that is available for purchase with academic pricing through the University Bookstore

RefWorks Transition Guide

  • The University of Minnesota’s subscription to RefWorks will expire at the end of July, 2017 and will not be renewed. Please schedule an appointment with your subject librarian for more information on how to  choose a new citation manager.


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