Are you looking for research impact beyond citation counts? Let us help you!

What is the public impact of your research? Where has your research been discussed in the news, and how has it affected policy decisions in local or national government or organizations? Traditionally, measuring the impact of research has been limited to citation counts and other metrics.

Our librarians have expertise in bibliometrics, data visualization, and alternative metrics. We can provide services and reports that can demonstrate the impact of published works for promotion or tenure or the impact of research to departments, schools/colleges or funding agencies.


Limited to pilot departments and centers (below).

During the pilot phase, this service is limited to…

  • Department of Family Medicine & Community Health (Medical School)
  • Department of Pediatrics (Medical School)
  • Division of Epidemiology & Community Health (School of Public Health)
  • Center for Bioethics
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems (College of Pharmacy)

Librarians can help you:

  • Supplement academic impact shown through citation counts and other metrics
  • Demonstrate the impact of published works for promotion, tenure, or grant applications
  • Describe the broad impact of research to departments, schools, colleges or funding agencies
  • Communicate the value of your research to the general public or other scholarly communities

Getting Started

Requesting this service is simple, just submit the form and we will connect with you for a brief conversation.

The Policy & Media Impact Service is currently being piloted with selected departments in the Academic Health Center. If you are interested in this service, but are not in the pilot departments, please send a letter of interest to


Subject Specialist

Caitlin Bakker

303 Diehl Hall
(612) 301-1353