Drugs and Supplements


Provides access to comprehensive drug information, including drug monographs and interactions, information on toxic substances, pill identification, and international trade names.  A free app version providing general drug information is available for iOS and Android.  A drug interactions App (link) is also available through our subscription.

Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines provides evidence-based information about herbs, supplements, and complementary and alternative therapies.  It includes information about interactions between herbs, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Clinical Key

Clinical Key, an upgrade of MDConsult, is a suite of electronic resources that includes FirstConsult, over 1000 e-books, 500 e-journals, procedural videos and more.

Cochrane Library

At the core of the Cochrane Library is a collection of extremely high-quality systematic reviews;  They are some of the best available.  The Cochrane Library also includes abstracts for systematic reviews published elsewhere, abstracts for controlled clinical trials, and more.

DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is an evidence-based clinical decision support tool with content from a team of physicians. It is designed for use at point-of-care. Over 3,200 topic summaries covering diseases, disorders, diagnostics, and drugs are derived from peer reviewed journals and systematic evidence review databases.

ICSI - Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement

ICSI is a non-profit organization with a Minnesota/Wisconsin focus that is aimed at improving healthcare through collaboration.  From their site, you can access a wide range of guidelines, order sets, and consumer health information.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)

Systematically generated, evidence-based recommendations for clinical preventive services.


A diagnostic decision support system designed by clinicians to aid medical professionals in the diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases. Provides instant access to specialist knowledge at the point of care, merging medical images with concise clinical text. Includes more than 18,000 images representing over 1,000 visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. As the clinician enters specific patient findings, VisualDx creates a visual differential diagnosis. The clinician enters symptoms and other clinical findings, such as lesion type, body location, medical history, medications, etc. With each entry, the system builds and refines the differential, never eliminating a diagnostic possibility but ranking each one by relevance to the patient findings. VisualDx displays images and key clinical information on all relevant diagnoses for a quick side-by-side comparison to the patient. Intended not to substitute, but to complement traditional medical information sources.

USMLE/Test Prep


BoardVitals provides interactive and customizable question banks for USMLE Steps 1-3 and seven Shelf Exams covering Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Ob/Gyn, Psychiatry, and Surgery.

Learning EBM

Center for Evidence-Based Medicine

Based at Oxford University in England, the Centre provides information on learning, applying, and teaching evidence-based medicine.  Click on EBM Tools at the top of the page to get to their core EBM content.

Evidence-Based Medicine Toolkit

Pocket guide which covers the core concepts in EBM.

EBM Toolkit

A nice guide which provides appraisal techniques, search strategies, and appraisal worksheets.

Evidence-Based Practice Resource Guide

Guide to EBP resources prepared for the UMN Empowering Evidence Workshop.  Includes links to external resources as well as slides, recordings and example articles from the workshop.

Article Indexes

E-Journals Search

Use to search for electronic magazines, newspapers and journals that the University Libraries provide online. Please also see our Electronic Journal Collections.


MEDLINE covers the fields of medicine, public health, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and the basic biomedical sciences.  When using Ovid MEDLINE, we recommend searching one concept at time and them combining them.


Robust public interface to MEDLINE.  We recommend using our link since it adds a FindIt button that makes it easy to find the full text.


Embase is often called the European Medline and includes Medline citations as well as additional citations non-covered in Medline.  It is particularly strong in drug literature and articles from developing countries.  When searching Embase, we recommend searching one concept at a time and then combining them.

Google Scholar

Connect to Google Scholar through the Libraries' web site to gain off-campus access to all the articles and journals in full text in the Libraries. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web. To connect to the full text, click "FindIt@U of M Twin Cities" in your Google Scholar search results. Learn more: Google Scholar FAQ.


Scopus indexes 21,000 journals across all disciplines and includes all citations from the biomedical database Embase.  Embase provides excellent coverage of drug and international biomedical literature and provides a good complement to PubMed/Medline.

TRIP Database

TRIP allows you to search across a gamut of high evidence sources, such as guidelines, systematic reviews, and primary research.

Web of Science (ISI)

Indexes over 11,000 international journals in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. We recommend truncating terms in Web of Science with an * (e.g., neurolog*) and combining similar terms with OR (e.g., dogs OR puppies).

Electronic Books

Access Medicine

Core basic sciences and clinical titles.

Clinical Key

More than a 1000 basic sciences and clinical titles from the publisher Elsevier.

Springer Books

Specialty textbooks covering a wide range of subjects and specialties.


Core basic sciences and clinical titles.

Up to Date (AHC and Bio-Medical Library access only)

Contains regularly updated reviews of thousands of diseases, drugs, and clinical topics.  Accessible only from the Bio-Medical Library and selected locattions on the health campus.

Health Sciences E-Books Collections

Other E-Book resources in the Health Sciences



Highly detailed 3D model of human anatomy.  Click on "3D Real Time Body" for the most detailed models.

Springer Images

SpringerImages is a growing collection of scientific images that spans the scientific, technical and medical fields, including high-quality clinical images from images.MD. Over 50,000 of these images are provided for free to the public from their site.

Creative Commons Search

Images, videos, and documents with a Creative Commons license can typically be reused with needing to request permission or copyright clearance.  When executing your search, check the appropriate boxes if you plan to use the content commercially or will be modifying it.  Find out more about the licenses at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/.

Additional Sources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the 13 major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is the principal agency in the United States government for protecting the health and safety of all Americans and for providing essential human services, especially for those people who are least able to help themselves.


Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Lab Tests Online

"Lab Tests Online has been designed to help you, as a patient or caregiver, to better understand the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases. The site is the product of a collaboration of professional societies representing the lab community."


MedlinePlus has extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on over 590 diseases and conditions. There are also lists of hospitals and physicians, a medical encyclopedia and dictionaries, health information in Spanish, extensive information on prescription and nonprescription drugs, health information from the media, and links to thousands of clinical trials.

MedlinePlus - Spanish version

MEDLINEplus has extensive information from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on over 590 diseases and conditions. There are also lists of hospitals and physicians, a medical encyclopedia and dictionaries, extensive information on prescription and nonprescription drugs, health information from the media, and links to thousands of clinical trials.

Minnesota Department of Health

Links to information about public health, health care and health statistics in Minnesota. Includes links to health alerts, directory of hospitals and nursing homes, birth and death certificates, health facility complaints, flu shot clinics, etc.

Mobile Resources for Healthcare Providers

Links to app reviews, clinical apps, and health information resources that provide mobile interfaces.

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute coordinates the National Cancer Program, which conducts and supports research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs.

WHO - World Health Organization

WHO coordinates programmes aimed at solving health problems and the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health. It works in areas such as immunization, health education and the provision of essential drugs.

NOTE: WHO publications are found in the Bio-Medical Library on the East Bank of the Minneapolis Campus.

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