What is PsycINFO?

  • PsycINFO indexes bibliographic citations and abstracts for all areas of psychology, including experimental and developmental, communications, social processes and issues, personality, physical and psychological disorders, professional issues, applied psychology, educational psychology, and behavioral literature in such related fields as law and business.


To access PsycINFO

  • Use the Quicklink on the Bio-Medical Library's home page for PsycINFO
  • Use the A-Z listing of indexes on the main University Library web page


Searching PsycINFO

  • Add search terms to the search box one at a time
  • Try to use a subject heading to describe your concept
  • Use the Boolean operator OR to cominbe "like" terms
  • Use the Boolean operator AND to include all terms
  • Apply Limits (such as age group, publication year, language) after combining sets with AND
  • Search example:  using two subject headings (Cognitive Development AND Autism) and using limits:



Browse and Print/Email/Export Citation Results

  • Scroll down the page to see the last set of results (shaded in gray)
  • Use the check-box to mark citations to email, print, or send to your preferred citation manager (use Print icon, Email icon or Export icon at top of results display)
  • Use the Find It box to see if you can access the full-text of the article from our library subscriptions
  • Click on the Abstract Reference link to read the abstract
  • Click on the Complete Reference link to see more bibliographic information about the citation
  • Click on Find Citing Articles to see who has cited this article in their research

PsycInfo Citation


Saving Searches in PsycINFO

  • To save a search strategy in PsycINFO you must creat an account in the interface (Ovid SP).
  • Scroll to the top of the page and click on the My Account link
  • On the Personal Account login page, login or create a new personal account:

 Ovid My Account

  • Fill in the form (asterisk denotes require field). Click Create
  • You now have a new personal account in Ovid and are logged in. Return to your search by clicking the Search tab

Ovid Search Link

  • Click on the Save Search History button (lower right side of search box)
  • Name your search and click the Save button

Ovid Saving Search

 Your search is now saved. To retrieve the search:

  • Return to PsycINFO and login to the Ovid system
  • Return to the main page in PsycINFO by clicking on the Search tab
  • Click on the View Saved button to find and retrieve your search





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