Natural Medicines (formerly Natural Standard and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database) is an authoritative resrouce on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and intgrative therapies. Using a comprehensive methodology and reproducible grading scales, information is created that is evidence-based, consensus-based, and peer-reviewed, tapping into the collective expertise of a multidisciplinary Editorial Board.

Databases in Natural Medicines

Foods, Herbs & Supplements: Decision support tool with searchable evidence-based systematic reviews on functional foods, herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals in both professional and patient handout versions. Monograph sections include: Safety, Effectiveness, Dosing & Administration, Adverse Effects, Disease/Drug/Herb/Food/Lab Interactions, Mechanism of Action, Pharmacokinetics, Evidence Table/Discussion and References

Health & Wellness:Scientific analysis on the available data for or against the use of therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic and other modalities, nutrition, special diets, exercise, fitness, and beauty regimens are available. Organized by demographic group Health Centers- Women, Men, Children, Adolescent, and Senior.

Comparative Effectiveness: Search by indication for comparative efficacy charts that itemize which therapies have scientific support for treating or preventing specific medical conditions. Easy to recognize letter grades A-F consolidate the level of evidence. Click on an indication for a detailed medical condition monograph.

Commercial Products: Investigate the ingredients inside of 1000s of international products. Product identification aid, alternative options and manufacturer contact information. Relates to full monographs for further details on individual components of multi-ingredient products.


The tools section includes Interaction Checker, Nutrient Depletion, Effectiveness Checker, Adverse Effects Checker, Pregnancy & Lactation Checker, Charts and Natural MedWatch