Center for Evidence Based Medicine (Oxford)
CEBM is a great resource both for its own content and links to other EBP sites. Under “EBM Resources/EBM Tools” you can find critical appraisal worksheets, calculators, and guides for finding the best evidence. “Resources” provides copies of EBP presentations (which are you free to reuse), workshop videos, and links to articles and other EBP groups on the web.

CASP (Critical Appraisal Skills Programme), similar to CEBM, creates nice critical appraisal sheet to help you read through an article and quickly assess its quality.

UMN Bio-Medical Library EBM Tutorial
This recently revised tutorial takes you through the various steps of finding, appraising, and applying best evidence.  There are pathways available for disciplines across the AHC.

Center for Evidence Based Medicine (Toronto)
CEBM Toronto’s website provides a nice walkthrough with examples on how to practice EBM and includes tips for teaching EBM and a few critical appraisal worksheets (under Teaching EBM). You can also find a nice list of resources under “Evidence Resources.”

Information Mastery (Tufts University)
Great collection of powerpoints, handouts, readings, and worksheets from the Tufts Information Mastery curriculum and workshop. Click under "Teaching Resources" to find the slides, handouts and example articles.

Bandolier Extra
Bandolier was an early journal focused on evidence based medicine. While they no longer published, their essays (especially the “What is...?” series) on critical appraisal topics are still relevant and of high-quality.

University of Alberta Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit
The EBM Toolkit goes through how to critically appraise a wide range of study types and includes printable (and editable) critical appraisal worksheets.

Journals and Articles

BMJ Endpoints
This is an ongoing series of short articles about statistical concepts.  Each article starts with a scenario, asks a question about statistics or methodology and then explains the underlying concept.

Canadian Medical Association Journal - EBM series
Collection of articles from CMAJ covering EBP issues and concepts.

JAMA Users Guide to the Medical Literature Series
This are links to the original series of articles in JAMA on how to read and appraise literature. Since then, the articles have been turned into a book and website, but the original articles are still very good.

University of Washington - Evidence Based Medicine Resources
Although this list has not been updated since the late 90s, it provides a nice guide to the explosion of EBP-focused journal articles that appeared then.

These related sites regularly extract the best articles from 120 clinical journals and providers from various specialties rate them on their relevance and newsworthiness.


Fresno Test
A well-validated and used instrument for measuring EBP skills.


Evidence Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach It
A succinct, pocketable, and very useful book. In particular, this book has a nice overview of pearls and pitfalls when teaching and how to incorporate EBP into the curriculum.

Users’ Guide to the Medical Literature 
This is a larger and more detailed guide than the above book and dives into sub-topics in greater detail.  One nice feature is a section of examples of where cohort studies and RCTs have disagreed or where surrogate endpoints do not agree with patient-oriented outcomes.

Evidence-Based Medicine Toolkit
Another very nice and succinct guide to critical appraisal.  Nice one-stop shop. 

Intuitive Biostatistics
Great overview of statistics from an former physician and current stats nerd.  It covers the whats and whys of statistics without getting mired down in exactly how to perform the statistical tests.


Terry Shaneyfelt
Terry Shaneyfelt is an internist and EBM teacher who has created a nice series of videos about critical appraisal concepts.  You can also find his blog at

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools
Several short, but high quality videos on critical appraisal topics.

XKCD (p-values, significancemeta-analysis)
XKCD is a popular online comic that frequently covers science-related topics.

James McCormack
Great parodies of popular songs that discuss EBP topics

Slides and Handouts 2015

Why Do We Need Best Evidence? - Shaily Prasad, MD, MPHForthcoming

Searching for Best Evicence - Caitlin Bakker, MLIS

Office presentation iconOverview of Medical Statistics  - Julian Wolfson, Ph.D.

Small Group Discussions Example Articles: 

Abstract Attack - Reneé Crichlow, MD, FAFFP

Office presentation iconTeaching EBP in the Classroom Setting - Jonathan Koffel, MSI

Assessment of EBP Skills - Shannon Reidt, PharmD, MPH

Applying EBM in a clinical setting - Andrew P.J. Olson, MD, FAAP

"Whole Task" teaching model 

Slides and handouts 2014

Why Do We Need Best Evidence? - Shaily Prasad, MD, MPH (Video)

Core Statistics for Critical Appraisal - Jonathan Koffel, MSI (Video)

Office presentation iconCohort Studies- Hannah Bloomfield, MD, MPH (Video)

Office presentation iconClinical Trials - Andrew Olson, MD (Video)

Finding the Best Evidence in the Least Time - Anne Beschnett, MLIS (Video)

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses. - Brian Hanson, MD (Video)

Abstract Attack - Reneé Crichlow, MD, FAFFP (Video)

Teaching and Evaluating EBP - Shannon Reidt, PharmD, MPH (Video)

Additional Suggested Reading