CVM 6721 Neonatology


  • Knottenbelt, D. 2004 Equine neonatology: medicine and surgery. Hard cover ISBN: 0702026921 Veterinary Medical Library has one print copy SF959 .N45 K66 2004.
  • Madigan, J. 2013 (4th ed.) Manual of equine neonatal medicine. Soft cover ISBN: 9780962951732. Veterinary Medical Library has one print copy SF959 N45 M36 2013
  • McAuliffe, S. 2008 (1st ed.) Color atlas of diseases disorders of the foal. Hardcover  ISBN: 9780702028106. Veterinary Medical Library has one print copy Quarto SF951 .C72 2008 .
  • Bernard, VW., BS Barr. 2013. Equine pediatric medicine. London: Manson Publishing. Veterinary Medical Library has this book online.

CVM 6900 Microscopic Anatomy I


  • Samuelson, D. 2007. Textbook of Veterinary Histology. Hard cover ISBN: 9780721681740; e-book ISBN: 9781455734467. Veterinary Library has one print copy : SF757.3 .S36 2007.
  • Eurell, J. 2006 (6th ed.). Dellman’s Textbook of Veterinary Histology. Hard cover ISBN: 9780781741484; e-book ISBN: 9781118685822. Veterinary Library has one print copy: SF757.3 T49 2006 and has the 6th edition online.
  • Aughey, E. 2001. Comparative Veterinary Histology with Clinical Correlates. Hard cover ISBN: 9780813828749. Veterinary Library has 2 print copies: SF757.3 .A94x 2001.

CVM 6901 Physiology I


  • Costanzo, L. 2018 (6th ed.). Physiology with Student Consult. Veterinary Library has Costanzo 6th edition online.

CVM 6902 Veterinary Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Genetics


  • Devlin, T.  2010  (7th ed.)  Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations.   Veterinary Library has one print copy of 7th ed.: QP514.2 T4 2011

CVM 6903 Anatomy I


  • Thrall, DE, ID Robertson. 2016. (2nd ed.) Atlas of normal radiographic anatomy & anatomic variants in the dog and cat. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF767.D6 T57 2016 and 2nd edition online.


  • Dyce, K.. 2018 (5th ed.)  Dyce, Sack and Wensig's Textbook of veterinary anatomy. Veterinary Library has one print copy of the 5th  SF761.D93 2018 and two print copies of the 4th SF761.D93 2010 .
  • Singh, B. 2016. (2nd ed.) Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book. Saunders publishing.

CVM 6904 Clinical Skills I


  • Taylor, S. 2016 (2nd ed.). Small Animal Clinical Techniques. Veterinary Library has 1 print copy: SF981.T39 2016.   
  • Paradis, M., Costa, L. 2018. Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse. Wiley Publishing.  Available online

CVM 6906 Critical Scientific Reading


  • Larson RL, White BJ. Importance of the role of the scientific literature in clinical decision making. J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. 2015: 247: 58-64.  Click HERE to assess it.


  • Yudkin, B 2006 (1st ed.) Critical reading: making sense of research papers in life sciences and medicine. Routledge. Veterinary Library has one print copy R118.6 .Y85 2006 

CVM 6911 Immunology



  • Tizard, I. 2018 (10th ed.) Veterinary immunology. Elsevier/Saunders. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF757.2 .T59 2018.
  • Parham, P. 2015 (4th ed.). Immune System. Soft cover ISBN: 9780815344677. The Biomedical Library has one print copy QW504 P229i 2015
  • Callahan, G. 2014. Basic Veterinary Immunology Soft cover ISBN: 9780617322184. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF757.2 .C35 2014

The following courses have no assigned books

  • CVM 6000 GOALe
  • CVM 6005 Foundations of Inter Professional  Communication and Collaboration
  • CVM 6905 Professional Development I
  • CVM 6932 Introduction to Non-Domestic Veterinary Medicine