The following list and editorial was generously provided by Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, a Class of 2014 DVM candidate.  While this is not a comprehensive list, the apps represented here have been found to be particularly useful by veterinarians and veterinary students.

Apps to help you practice/study veterinary medicine

Merck Veterinary Manual (iOSAndroid)

  • $50 (approx.)
  • Searchable electronic version of Merck Veterinary Manual
  • Multimedia for select diseases
  • Free content updates

A Vet Tool (iOSAndroid)

  • $10 (approx.)
  • Basic formulary (cats and dogs)
  • Hematology reference intervals (bird, cat, dog, cattle, ferret, guinea pig, horse, turtle)
  • Calculators (Gestation, fluid rate, body surface area, transfusion, etc. Not as extensive as VetPDA (below))

VetPDA (iOS)

  • $5 (approx.)
  • 21 useful calculators including: Anion gap, combining solutions, fractional excretion of sodium, echo values, blood gases etc.

Vet Cardiology (iOS)

  • $20 (approx.)
  • ECG abnormalities
  • Variety of cardiologic concerns addressed
  • Congenital, valve, muscle, parasites, deficiencies, etc.

Alive ECG Vet (iOS)

  • Free, $200 (approx.) heart monitor required for use
  • Instant ECG readout
  • Save and share ECGs

Pet Poison Help (iOS)

  • $5 (approx.)
  • Designed as an informational resource for pet owners to keep their animals safe from poisonous substances.
  • Not exhaustive, but handy
  • Ability to contact Pet Poison Helpline directly from app

Choc Tox (iOSAndroid)

  • Free
  • Calculator to quickly determine if a dog may have consumed a harmful amount of methylxanthines

Cornell Consultant (webpage)

  • Online computer-assisted veterinary diagnosis tool
  • Enter signs or diagnosis in search box and get possible matches

Illinois Imaging Anatomy (webpage)

  • Basic atlas of normal imaging anatomy of domestic animals
  • Designed as an aid for veterinary students beginning their study of diagnostic imaging 

TARGET antimicrobial compendium (iOS)

  • Free

Compendium of Veterinary Products/CVP (iOSAndroid)

  • Free
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Apps for the education of clients and/or students

iDIA (iOS, PC, Mac)

  • $400 (approx.)
  • Graphics and imagery to allow visualization of various conditions
  • Comprehensive list of common conditions

VetCare Consult (iOS, PC, Mac)

  • Free, requires subscription ($70/month, $700/year (approx.)) 
  • Videos, animations, and 3D images of: physiological processes (normal and pathological), potential procedures, client instructions (i.e. how to clean ears)
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Apps currently in development

MediBook (tentative) – Abhishek Chatterjee/VETcetera

  • Smart notebook for medical professionals
  • Help veterinary and other medical students to stay organized in school and beyond (especially useful during clinics)
  • Instant data and media capture
  • Voice dictation
  • Searchable
  • User driven compilation of resources with local storage (Finally have everything in one place!)
  • Calendar and reminder functions

VetSharing – Dr. Garret Pachtinger 

  • Community driven sharing of veterinary media (X-rays, cytology samples, etc.)
  • Allows veterinarians and students to have a quick reference for ‘normals and abnormals’ (i.e. Tibial tuberosity avulsion x-ray to compare with a patient’s stifle radiographs)
  • See-Diagnose-Share!
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Non-veterinary specific apps

While not made specifically for veterinary use, the apps represented have the potential to simplify tasks and enhance productivity.

Snap2PDF (iOS)

  • $5 (approx.)
  • Scan documents using device’s camera
  • Enhance and convert to PDF
  • Search text from scanned documents (copy/paste, translate)

Goodreader (iOS)

  • $5 (approx.)
  • Store, view, and take notes on PDFs
  • Use stylus or finger to draw signatures
  • Sync documents with Dropbox and/or Google Drive (see below)
  • Use to store notes and textbooks locally (on device)
  • Searchable!

Dropbox (iOSAndroid)

  • Free
  • Store documents and media in the clouds
  • Ability to store items locally

Google Drive (iOSAndroid)

  • Free
  • Store documents and media in the clouds (ability to store items locally)
  • Edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more

Coach’s Eye (iOSAndroid)

  • $5 (approx.)
  • Originally designed for use in sports as a coaching aid
  • Instant video analysis and slow motion review
  • Effortless zoom, pan, scrub, and draw on videos
  • Compare videos side by side

Word Lens (iOSAndroid)

  • Free, requires purchase of language package at $4.99/language (Spanish, German, Italian, etc.)
  • Instant translation on screen using device camera
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Design your own app


  • Allows you to prototype web pages and mobile apps
  • Templates for mobile pages available
  • Free version is extensive and easy to use
  • Install on Mac or PC

Pencil Project

  • Free and open-source prototyping tool
  • Templates available
  • Install on Mac or PC


  • Available as add-on for Google chrome (web based)
  • Free version allows 2 active projects and 5mb of storage
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