DVM third year booklist - Spring

Using the Libraries during COVID-19

Though on-campus libraries are currently closed, we are open online and here to help you with teaching, learning, and research.

CVM 6497 Avian Medicine & Surgery

Required books

  • Doneley, B. 2016 (2nd ed.) Avian medicine and surgery in practice: companion and aviary birds. CRC Press. Hardcover ISBN: 9781482260205. Veterinary Library has  has the 2nd ed. online.

Reference books

  • Graham, J.  2016  (1st ed.) Blackwell's five minute consult: avian. Wiley Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN: 978118934593. Veterinary Library has the 1st ed. online.

CVM 6958 Small Animal Problems

Recommended books

  • Thrall, M. 2012. (2nd ed.) Veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry. Wiley-Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN: 978-0813810270. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF765.5 .V48 2012 and the 2nd edition online.
  • Sharkey, L. 2010. (1st ed.) Manual of veterinary clinical chemistry: a case study approach. Teton NewMedia. Softcover ISBN: 9781591610182. Veterinary Library has two print copies SF772.66 .S53 2010 and has the first edition online
  • Cote, E. 2014. (3nd ed.) Clinical veterinary advisor: dogs and cats.Mosby/Elsevier. Hardcover ISBN: 9780323172929; e-book 9780323240765. Veterinary Library has one print copy . Quarto SF991 .C658 2015
  • Ettinger, S. 2017. (8th ed.) Textbook of veterinary internal medicine: diseases of the dog and the cat. Elsevier/Saunders. Hardcover ISBN:9780323312110. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF991 .T48 2017
  • Leib, M. 1997. (1st ed.) Practical small animal internal medicine. Saunders. Hardcover ISBN: 0721648398. Veterinary Library has two print copies Quarto SF991 .P73 1997
  • Birchard, S. 2006. (3rd ed.) Saunders manual of small animal practice.Saunders/Elsevier. Hardcover ISBN: 0721604226. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF981 .S34 2006
  • Tilley, L. 2015. (6th ed.) Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult. Canine and feline. Wiley-Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN: 9781118881576. Veterinary Library has the 6th edition online
  • DiBartola, S.2012. (4th ed.) Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders in small animal practice. Elsevier/Saunders. Hardcover ISBN: 9781437706543. Veterinary Library has SF991 .D53 2012.
  • Bonurga, J. 2014 (15th ed.) Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy. Elsevier Hardcover ISBN: 9781437726893 Veterinary Library has one print copy of the 15th Quarto SF745 .C8 2014 and one print copy of the 14th Quarto SF745 K56 2008
  • Davies, C. 2002. (1st ed.) Common small animal diagnoses: an algorithmic approach. Saunders. Softcover ISBN: 0721684785; CD-ROM  0721601774. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF991 .D36 2002 and one CD-ROM   CD-ROM SF991 .D362 2003.
  • Sykes, J. 2014. (1st ed.) Canine and feline infectious diseases. Elsevier/Saunders. Hardcover ISBN:9781437707953 Veterinary library has 1st edonline.

CVM 6961 Equine Selective II

Recommended books

  • Smith, B. 2015. (5th ed.) Large animal internal medicine. Elsevier Mosby. Hardcover ISBN: 978032088398;e-book 97803262323. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF745 .L37 2015
  • McGorum, B. 2007. (1st ed.) Equine respiratory medicine and surgery.Saunders/Elsevier. Hardcover ISBN: 0702027596. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF959.R47 E65 2007.
  • Gilger, B. 2016. (3rd ed.) Equine ophthalmology. Elsevier Saunders. Hardcover ISBN:  978-1119047742. Veterinary Library has the 3rd edition online .
  • Wolfe, D. 1999. (2nd ed.) Large animal urogenital surgery. Williams & Wilkins. Hardcover ISBN: 0683092308. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF911 .L27 1999.

CVM 6962 Equine Problems

Required books

  • Smith, B. 2015. (5th ed.) Large animal internal medicine. Elsevier Mosby. Hardcover ISBN: 978032088398;e-book 97803262323. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF745 .L37 2015

Reference books

  • Cockroft, P. 2003 (1st ed.) Handbook of evidence-based veterinary medicine. Blackwell. Softcover ISBN: 1405108908. Veterinary Medical Library has one print copy SF748 .C635 2003
  • Straus, S. 2011 (4th ed.) Evidence based medicine:how to practice and teach it.  Elsevier Churchill. Hardcover ISBN: 9780702031274 Biomedical Library  has one print copy on reference WB102.5 E928 2011 or available through interlibrary loan.
  • Sackett,D. 1991 (2nd ed.) Clinical epidemiology:a basic science for clinical medicine. Little Brown. Softcover ISBN: 0316765996. Biomedical  Library has two print copies WA950 S121c 1991 and Duluth has one print copy RA652 .C45 1991.

CVM 6965 Swine Selective II

Recommended books

  • Zimmerman, J. 2012. (10h ed.) Diseases of Swine. Wiley Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN:9780813822679 . Veterinary Library has 10th edition online.
  • Harris, B. 2007. (1st ed.) Multi-site pig production. Iowa State University Press. Hardcover ISBN: 0813826993 . Veterinary Library has one print copy  SF395.H297 2000 and the Magrath Library has one print copy SF395.H297 2000.

CVM 6966 Food & Fiber Small Ruminant Selective II

Reference books

  • Pugh, D. 2012. (2nd ed.) Sheep and goat medicine. Elsevier/Saunders. Hardcover ISBN: 9781437723533; e-book 978-1455737208. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF968 .S54 2012.
  • Fowler, M. 2010. (3rd ed.) Medicine and Surgery of Camelids. Wiley-Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN: 9780813806167; available on Kindle. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF997.5.L35 F68 2010
  • Smith, M. 2009. (2nd ed.) Goat medicine. Wiley-Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN: 9780781796439. Veterinary Library has one copy SF968 .S63 2009.
  • Linklater, K. 1993. (1st ed.) Color atlas of diseases and disorders of the sheep and goat. Wolfe. Hardcover ISBN: 0723417083. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF968 .L56x 1993
  • Scott, P. 2015. (2nd ed.) Sheep medicine. Manson Pub./The Veterinary Press. Hardcover ISBN: 978-1498700146. Veterinary Library has 2nd edition online
  • Melling, M. 1998. (1st ed.) Sheep and goat practice 2. W.B. Saunders. Softcover ISBN: 0702023302. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF968 .S545x 1998
  • Sargison, N. 2008. (1st ed.) Sheep flock health: a planned approach. Blackwell Pub. Hardcover ISBN: 9781405160445. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF968 .S28 2008 and 1st ed. online
  • Harwood, D. 2006. Goat health and welfare: a veterinary guide. Crowood. Hardcover ISBN: 1861268246. Veterinary Library has one print copy SF968 .H37 2006
  • Smith, B. 2015.(5th ed.)  Large animal internal medicine. Elsevier Mosby. Hardcover ISBN: 9780323088398. Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF745 .L37 2015 and the 5th ed. online.
  • Cebra, C. 2014 (1st ed.) Llama and alpaca care: medicine, surgery, reproduction, nutrition, and herd health. Elsevier. Hardcover ISBN: 9780323242912 Veterinary Library has one print copy Quarto SF981 .L53 2014 and the 1st ed. online.

CVM 6984 Principles of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Recommended books

  • Hrapkiewicz, K. 2013. ( 3rd. ed.) Clinical Laboratory Animal Medicine. Wiley Blackwell. Hardcover ISBN:978118345108 . Veterinary Library has one print copy SF996.5 .H65 2013.

The following courses have no assigned books

  • CVM 6956 Small Animal Selective I
  • CVM 6956 Small Animal Selective I
  • CVM 6957 Small Animal Selective II
  • CVM 6959 Orientation to Clinics
  • CVM 6960 Equine Selective I
  • CVM 6963 Food & Fiber Selective I
  • CVM 6964 Food & Fiber Bovine Selective II
  • CVM 6965 Food & Fiber Swine Selective II
  • CVM 6967 Food & Fiber Animal Problems
  • CVM 6968 Obstetrics Lab
  • CVM 6970 Professional Development V
  • VMED 8550 Graduate Seminar