Computers and printing

General public computing

Wireless access

Wireless access is available throughout the Veterinary Medical Library via the University’s network.

Printing and copying

A black and white copy and print machine is available at a cost of $.10/side. Wireless printing is available.

Printing payments

Printing process

  1. Enter a job name and an ID (any recognizable name).
  2. Go to the Uniprint station.
  3. Swipe your U Card or GopherGold card on the keyboard next to the printer.
  4. Select your print job from the list of pending jobs on the computer workstation. Click Print to accept, and then log out.
  5. All print jobs will stay on the Uniprint menu for exactly two hours after you send them.

Copyright notice

Materials may be copied and distributed when they are:

The Libraries retains the right to refuse copy services requests on the basis of law-related or administrative concerns. For more information about copyright policies, visit the Libraries' Copyright site.