Contributions to the Wangensteen Historical Library support scholarship, education, exhibit development, preservation and conservation, and help enrich the global community by advancing understanding of the history of health sciences.

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To give to the Wangensteen Historical Library, use the online giving form from the University of Minnesota Foundation. Please specify that the gift should be designated for Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine. 

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Other Giving Opportunities

For more information on these giving opportunities, please contact Curator Lois Hendrickson at

Challacombe Research Travel Fund

The Challacombe Research Travel Grant is available to historians, physicians, graduate and post-doctoral students, and to those interested in the arts and humanities of medical history whose work requires them to travel to Minneapolis/St Paul to consult material in the Wangensteen Historical Library. Contributions to this fund will support this grant into the future.  Give Now >>

Adopt a Book

By acquiring specific books and collections, the Wangensteen is able to respond to trends in scholarship and teaching to ensure that the library can respond to the needs of the university community. The funds from book adoptions also help the Wangensteen ensure that books are conserved appropriately so that students can continue to use the materials into the future.

Sponsor an Exhibit

Exhibits are a powerful way for the Wangensteen to teach members of the university and the community in general about the history of medicine and biology and the role of rare books in the lives of students and researchers. Past exhibits such as Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes of Health and Illness have captured imaginations in the Twin Cities and provided opportunities for discussion in public fora such as Minnesota Public Radio and Vita.MN. Other exhibits, such as Visualizing the Body: Celebrating 500 Years of Andreas Vesalius, Renaissance Art and Medical Revolution foster scholarly discussion and lead to new classes and collaborations.

Support an Endowment

The Library is generously supported through endowments and donations that allow acquisition and conservation of new materials. For example, in recent years, the library’s collection of Korean, Japanese and Chinese medical texts has grown substantially thanks to this support.

Some of the funds include the Dr. C.J. Watson Rare Book Fund and the Myers Rare Book Fund. Some endowments are directed toward the general purchase of rare materials and support of library activities while others are more specific, supporting the growth of collections around specific topics like tuberculosis, mycology, and urology.

Historical Material Donations

Please contact Curator Lois Hendrickson at if you have rare books or other historical materials that you would like to consider donating to the library. Materials will be added to the collection at the discretion of the curator.

For additional information or to make an appointment, please contact:

Ms. Katherine McGill
U of M Libraries Development Director