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Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes of Health and Illness

Medical themes are threaded throughout Masterpiece Theater’s wildly popular Downton Abbey, from Matthew’s temporary paralysis during the Great War to Sybil’s tragic death from eclampsia. The Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine’s  holdings come together in "Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes of Health and Illness" to illuminate the medicine of Edwardian England.  

The Secret Lives of Books  

In this exhibit, we celebrate the stories of the books contained in the Wangensteen Historical Library at the University of Minnesota. Viewers will learn about the complex histories of books. Looking beyond their content, the exhibit explores the stories woven in their bindings, and the comments written on their pages by readers. 

Wicked Plants  

The Wicked Plants exhibit, featured at the Bell Museum in 2019, showcased historic materials from multiple libraries, including the Wangensteen Historical Library. This online exhibit continues the conversation, featuring plants associated with a myriad of health effects, including pain, addiction, obesity, allergies, cognitive impairment, and even death.


Underwater explores humans, health, and science in watery spaces. Discover what voyagers encountered on the sea and how interactions in and around water have been the harbinger of health and illness across the centuries.   

Journeying through a 17th-century apothecary manuscript  

This exhibit is centered on a 17th-century apothecary manuscript from Toulouse, France, and a student’s research project involving translating the manuscript and mapping where in the world the ingredients may have been sourced. 

The History of Infant Feeding  

This timeline provides users with information concerning infant feeding, beginning c. 4,000 years ago, concluding at present day.