Bio-Medical Library
Diehl Hall / 505 Essex Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0334 United States
Name Position/Contact Info
Aho, Melissa Library Assistant 3
Aspinall, Erinn Strategic Initiatives Librarian & Communications Coordinator
Bakker, Caitlin Research Services
Berg, M. Lisa Library Assistant 3
Bongiorno, Connie Clinical Information Librarian
Brooks, Randy Library Assistant 3
Chew, Katherine Research/Outreach Services Librarian
Claussen, Amy Library Assistant 3
Hendrickson, Lois Curator
Herzberg, Christopher Library Assistant 3
Hill, William Library Assistant 3
Hunt, Shanda Public Health Liaison/Data Curation Specialist
Jaguszewski, Janice Director and Associate University Librarian, Health Sciences
Koffel, Jonathan Emerging Technology and Innovation Strategist
McGuire, Lisa Associate Director
McKenzie, Gina Executive Accounts Specialist
Nault, André Veterinary Librarian
Reed, Del Library Professional
Reimer, Emily Manager
Sayre, Frank Liaison Librarian
Stutler, Leigh Library Assistant 2
Theis-Mahon, Nicole Liaison Librarian
Weinfurter, Liz Fine Liaison Librarian