The librarians at the Bio-Medical Library are expert searchers who can support and guide investigators in the following systematic review tasks:

  • Determine if a systematic review has already been done on your proposed topic.
  • Collaborate with you to translate your research question into an appropriate search strategy to ensure that all relevant studies are identified.
  • Recommend specific databases and other information sources to be searched.
  • Conduct the literature search in relevant databases.
  • Deliver search results in a format which can be imported into EndNote or other citation management tools.
  • Write the search methodology section of the review.
  • Maintain records of search results and follow up with alerts and updates as needed.


  • Librarians who write the search methodology section of the review should be included as a co-author. Librarians who collaborate on search strategy formation and/or citation management should be acknowledged in the final publication.

Standards and Guides for Writing a Systematic Review




Meet with a Librarian 

  • Schedule a consultation with a librarian to discuss your systematic review.