About the Library

We've moved and we're reopening — here's what you need to know!

In July 2020, the Health Sciences Library moved into the connected Health Sciences Education Center and Phillips-Wangensteen Building, advancing interprofessional education through expertise, engagement, critical content, and cutting edge technologies to advance teaching, learning, and research, and prepare the next generation of health care providers. 

Reopening details

Health Science Library opened September 1 for students, faculty and staff with current U Card. Access to the Wangensteen Historical Library collection is available by appointment after an initial remote or online consultation. Appointments require a one week advance notice. If you plan to visit the libraries, know that: 

Find us at our new locations

Access collection materials

Use computers

Find study space

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Our work in action

Catalyst - Connector - Common Good. These themes exemplify the work of the Health Sciences Library, work that has been made possible by our exceptional staff whose deep expertise sparks innovation and transforms learning through knowledge discovery, use, creation, and sharing.

HSL by the numbers 2019

7,934 student touchpoints in 295 courses

Our librarians supported essential skills — from evidence-based practice to data management.

37 systematic reviews

We collaborated with researchers across U of M to publish studies on topics from non-small cell lung cancer to chronic orofacial pain.

878,000 visits

Our library provided information resources, study spaces, technology solutions, and custom services during 377K in-person and 501K online visits.

2,374 videos

Our 1:Button video production studio was used to practice presentations, complete assignments, and record lectures to flip classrooms.

331 course reading lists

We made 6,620 readings available for 331 health sciences courses to support teaching and learning.

3 miles of 3D printer filament

Our 3D printers ran for 365 days and used 3 miles of filament to create tools like a low-cost stethoscope and a prosthetic chicken foot.

10,000+ EBP tutorial unique visitors

Our evidence-based practice online tutorial was used at institutions throughout the world.

HSL milestones

Move into new Health Sciences Education Center
Name changed to Health Sciences Library to better reflect our work to support teaching and learning across all the schools and colleges of the Academic Health Center; 94% of print collection housed off-site; New technology-rich spaces open to support the application of knowledge and the exploration of emerging technologies in healthcare. See our HSL Move Blog for an archive of move updates.
Greater Midwest Region Research Data Award
Received funding from the National Library of Medicine National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region (GMR) for project: Expanding Research Data Management Education for Health Science Librarians across the GMR, and for Graduate Students and Faculty at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD).
Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL)
The Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL) initiative was brought to the Minnesota State Legislature in 2015 as part of the University of Minnesota’s Healthy Minnesota legislative request. MeHL’s goal was to provide equal access to evidence-based health information for for all Minnesotans, including point-of-care tools, prescription drug references, and full-text medical books and journals. See our archive of updates throughout the legislative session.
Bio-Medical Library Opens in Diehl Hall