Nicole Theis-Mahon

Dentistry Librarian and Collections Coordinator

Health Sciences Library

[email protected]


Nicole Theis-Mahon, MLIS, has been an Assistant Librarian at the Health Sciences Library and the liaison to the School of Dentistry and Collections Coordinator for the Health Sciences Libraries since 2013. In this role Nicole supports the teaching, learning and research needs of the School of Dentistry, is the primary selector for all school and colleges of the AHC, and manages collections for the Health Sciences Libraries. Significant projects and initiatives include: evaluating and analyzing collections, exploring space planning within the library, researching how various populations use health information resources, and supporting evidence-based practice and research in the School of Dentistry. 

Nicole is a member of the Medical Library Association, Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association, and Health Science Libraries of Minnesota. She was selected to be a member of the 2017/2018 Rising Star Cohort of the Medical Library Association. She has presented and published on user communities and discovery of information, patron driven acquisitions, and impact metrics. 

Liaison for

Areas of interest

Curriculum-focused instruction, research support, systematic reviews, database searching, and collection development

Select publications and presentations

Theis-Mahon, Nicole, Shanda Hunt, Nora Forbes. “My Doctor Said What!? Identifying and Assessing Online Health Information Resources” presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, May 29, 2017, Seattle, Washington.

Stellrech, Elizabeth, Richard McGowan, Irene Lubker, Nena Schvaneveldt, Susan Arnold, Elisa Cortez, Rebecca Davis, Michael Kronenfeld, Nicole Theis-Mahon. “A Comprehensive Summary of Services and Resources Provided by Librarians in Support of Dental Education Programs in the United States and Canada” presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, May 28, 2017, Seattle, Washington.

Bakker, Caitlin, Jonathan Koffel and Nicole Theis-Mahon. "Measuring the health literacy of the Midwest: opportunities for librarian intervention." Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2017 Jan, 105(1): 34-43.

Theis-Mahon, Nicole, Janice Jaguszewski, Erinn Aspinall, Lisa McGuire. “Health information for all: meeting challenges in building legislative support for a statewide electronic health library” presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, May 18, 2015, Austin, TX. 

John, Mike T., Nicole Theis-Mahon, and Steven Braun. “A Method to Rank Oral Health Researchers’ Publication Impact,” presented at the International Association for Dental Research, Boston, MA, March 13, 2015

Theis-Mahon, Nicole. "Third time's the charm: reconstructing an existing demand-driven acquisitions (DDA) program." Paper presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, Chicago, IL, May 19, 2014. 

Theis-Mahon, Nicole. “User communities and discovery." Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, Boston, MA, May 7, 2013.

Fransen, J., Friedman-Shedlov, L., Theis-Mahon, N., Traill, S., Boudewyns, D. (2012). Setting a direction for discovery: A phased approach. In Diane Dallis and Mary Popp (Eds.), Planning and implementing resource discovery tools in academic libraries. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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Theis-Mahon, Nicole. “Utilizing Tags to Enhance an E-book Portal” Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN, May 15, 2011.

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