The Bio­Medical Library has a variety of spaces useful for collaboration, productivity, study, and research. Electrical outlets and wireless Internet access are available throughout the building - and remember that we have wireless printing.  

Tehnology-Enabled Spaces

Learn about how our Technology-Enabled Spaces can support success in teaching, research, and learning.

Technology-Enabled Spaces include:

  • 1:Button Studio (video production)
  • Data Visualization Center
  • Tech Lab / Virtual Reality Studio
  • Productivity Computer Workstations with specialized software for data analysis and visualization, as well as graphic design and multimedia.
  • Individual and Collaborative Computing

Study Spaces

All three floors of the Bio­Medical Library have Study Spaces dedicated to individual and group work.  Find group study rooms, collaborative computing areas, and individual study pods to support focused work. Group Study Area on 3rd Floor of the Bio-Medical Library