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Course reserves requests must be received by the deadline below to ensure materials are available on the first day of class. We handle requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The deadline for Spring 2019 is Friday, December 21st. We wll accept lists past that date, but cannot guarantee availability for the first day of class.


Submit the complete reading list for your course in the order you would like the readings to appear. Include any headings you would like on the reading list. Only complete reading lists will be accepted. We cannot make changes to your course page during the two weeks before and the first two weeks of the semester; however, if there are errors or broken links (our errors), those will be corrected immediately. If other changes or additions are needed, they will be made after the second week of the semester.

Submit an item for E-Reserve

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Course name and number
  • Instructor's name
  • Is your course on Canvas or Moodle?
  • A list of materials to be placed on reserve including call numbers for library materials and full bibliographic citations for newspaper & journal articles.
  • See additional information for eReserve requests.
  • See also related FAQs about placing materials on Course Reserve.

Submit an item for Course Reserve (Print)

  • Complete the Course Reserve form for physical items to be placed at the library of your choice.

E-Reserves and Course Site Integration (Canvas and Moodle Integration Now Available)

Library Course Reserves readings can now be integrated directly into both Canvas and Moodle course management platforms. This means that students can access their course readings from within Canvas or Moodle, creating a single point of access for most course materials. For more information and instructions, please visit help for Canvas integration or help for Moodle integration.

Copyright and Fair Use

Applications of fair use are predicated on the Libraries' Understanding Fair Use, and require access controls that restrict access to reserve materials to only registered students and their instructors.

Whenever copyrighted works are used for course reserves under the provisions of Fair Use (Section 107), instructors are responsible for the following:

  • All materials used support course-related teaching, scholarship, or research.
  • Determination, on a case-by-case basis, whether the use of a copyrighted work requires permission or qualifies as fair use. University Libraries staff will provide consultation assistance in evaluating the qualification of any specific use as a fair use. In addition an online tool is available to document the fair use analysis.
  • When permissions are needed, instructors or their departments are expected to make arrangements for permissions
  • Whenever copying original materials is involved, whether the copies are made by instructors or by the library, only the amount needed to accomplish the specific educational purpose should be copied. In consultation with library staff, instructors will determine any limits on the amount of material to be used.

For more details and general conditions for the use of copyrighted works in course reserves see University Libraries' Copyright Standards for Course Reserves.

Spring 2019

Please submit Spring 2019 reserves requests by Friday, December 21st.


Contact HSL Course Reserves Staff