Researcher support

HSL librarians partner with and connect researchers in the health sciences to expertise and tools that support the research lifecycle.

Meet with a librarian

Our librarians teach individuals and small groups information-seeking skills that support teaching, learning, and research. This service is available to U of M health sciences faculty, staff, and students. If you are part of another U of M college or school, visit the University Libraries' Request a Librarian Consultation webpage.

Librarians provide personalized support to:

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Literature Search

Connect with a librarian to request literature searches to find articles that support research projects, courses, grants, publications, and more. The literature search service is free to all U of M faculty and staff.  Students can meet with a librarian for literature search help. 

Through this service, librarians partner with individuals or groups to find relevant articles by:

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Systematic Review & Evidence Synthesis

Librarians partner with research teams to conduct evidence syntheses. These are syntheses of all previously conducted research on a topic and represent the highest level of evidence in research. The service is free and available to U of M researchers.

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