Peer tutoring

The Health Sciences Library works with campus partners to offer peer student tutoring.  The services are free to all U of M students during scheduled office hours, or by appointment.

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Peer Research Consultants

Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) are students with strong academic records and writing skills, trained to help you with your research paper or assignment. PRCs help you:

  • choose good keywords and databases for searching,
  • find and assess scholarly articles,
  • narrow your paper topic and create research questions,
  • navigate the Libraries' website,  
  • explore undergraduate research opportunities, and
  • give tips for finding a research mentor.

Online consultations by appointment.

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Student English Language Support (SELS)

Student English Language Support (SELS) provides tutoring on English as a Second Language to U of M international undergraduate students. SELS consultants can help with:

  • speaking skills, 
  • grammar in speaking and writing, 
  • listening comprehension,
  • reading comprehension,
  • vocabulary development, and
  • pronunciation.

Online consultations by appointment.

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